About Foresight

July 23, 2018


First established in 1978 by Ms. Belinda Barnes, Foresight is a charitable organization based in Surrey, England. Its primary role is to promote the importance of good health and nutritional status in both parents before they conceive a baby, and to provide sensible, achievable information and advice on how to do this.

Foresight has put together a thoroughly researched pre-conception program that identifies and addresses various areas of concern in the health in any pair of prospective parents. The objective is to optimize the health of both prospective parents well before conception occurs so that a pregnancy can be started with a normal, strong sperm and ova and the embryo can implant and develop under optimum conditions in a healthy uterus, with no danger of damage from nutritional deficiency, toxins, or disease.

Over the years, Foresight has found that under these conditions it is possible to have uncomplicated pregnancies resulting in strong, healthy and perfectly formed babies, even in many couples who may have previously experienced the distress of miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects, unexplained infertility, post-natal depression, health problems in the child, and other problems relating to conception, pregnancy and birth.

It is a sad fact that the modern, busy lives that many people lead today, with our polluted air and our over-stored, over-processed and over-packaged foods, are not conducive to healthy living. Unfortunately, our fertility and our ability to reproduce is one of the first things to be affected (albeit mildly in many cases), although symptoms of ‘sub-fertility’ often do not become apparent until problems with conception or pregnancy result. Many couples experiencing reproductive problems of one form or another would otherwise consider themselves to be perfectly healthy.

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