January 4, 2018

It’s wonderful to be a part of COEM and watch the healing journey unfold for so many patients. There are so many types of health problems that are handled effectively by our Doctor, but Biodetoxification for chemical hypersensitivity is one that COEM does best.

COEM’s Biodetoxification Unit is one of only 5 in the nation. Dr. Lieberman designed and built the unit in 1989 to treat chemically sensitive patients who could not be treated in other routine clinic or hospital settings. In this protected environment, built of exclusively environmentally safe materials, even extremely sensitive patients can come for 4 weeks on an outpatient basis to receive detoxifying, desensitizing, and rehabilitative therapies. From 8:30 or 9 am each morning, until 6 pm each evening, their entire day is filled with healing, totally scent-free therapies and routines, with the result that each patient’s own body burden of absorbed toxic chemicals can be mobilized and safely excreted. Often it is this accumulated load that has finally reached a point that the person can no longer detoxify normal ambient exposures to so many different things. When their “internal environment” is cleaned up and strengthened, the “external environment” becomes more manageable for their body.

Over the years, the types of therapies have been changed based on clinical experience. This is the measuring stick by which Dr. Lieberman judges which therapies to include: Does a therapy produce clinical results, either by safely mobilizing toxins or by safely boosting their excretion? Are there positive changes seen in a patient’s symptoms by the end of the program? Is the patient repleted of all the nutrients necessary for biodetoxification during the course of treatment? Does objective laboratory testing substantiate all of these? Fortunately, with monitoring of vital signs throughout the day and weekly laboratory and other testing, as well as constant supervision paired with medical evaluation, these terribly sick and discouraged patients are able to safely detoxify their stored burden of toxic chemicals.

What we see during this process is a gradual transformation. Mental health counseling is also offered each week, to help a patient clean out the accumulated “mental toxins” that comes with chronic illness. On all levels—physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual for some—the patient begins to change. The Biodextoxification Program offers powerful tools and personal support to very sensitive patients to be able to finally change their lives to meet the challenges inherent in this modern industrial society. We laugh and cry with our patients, rejoice in their advances and help them up through their difficulties. By the end of 4 weeks, many say that their lives have been saved. Others say that so many seeds have been sown that they can’t wait to see what further changes will happen now that they are armed with maintenance biodetoxification tools to use at home.

If you are reading this and are one of those environmentally sensitive people who need help, please consider our team and the Doctor who felt moved to change his whole approach to medicine, just to be able to help patients such as yourself.