Can Autism Be Prevented?

January 5, 2018

This question wouldn’t even have occurred to us except for the approach to pregnancy taught to us by Mrs. Barnes, developer of our highly effective Preconception Program.

Mrs. Barnes taught us that the key to a healthy baby doesn’t just begin in pregnancy, but rather in the raw materials that form the ova and sperm prior to conception. These materials are affected by nutritional status of both the father-to-be and the mother-to-be, and also by the toxins that each parent-to-be may carry within them. By toxins we mean the residues of heavy metals, tobacco and other social poisons, and toxic chemicals or their byproducts.

Ultimately, the viability and genetic strength of the ova and sperm, as well as the nutritional status of the baby in utero, help determine if the child will have a strong body, capable of withstanding the environmental onslaught in today’s world. Even a child’s metabolism, his ability to detoxify appropriately, his hormonal balance, and his brain chemistry are all affected by the genetic strength of the ova and sperm combined with the nutritional status during pregnancy.

It has been Mrs. Barnes’ opinion that the damage to children caused by vaccinations is caused not just by the vaccinations themselves, but by the foundational health of the baby or child who is receiving the vaccinations. More children are born with weakened immunity because of their genetic inheritance or prior nutritional status. More children are born with an inherited greater heavy metal or other toxic burden so they will not be able to as easily detoxify the vaccination or its adjuvants. Some children are even born with an inherent detoxification defect, because key factors and nutrients that would have allowed normal detoxification enzymes and reactions to form were missing, now perhaps irrevocably. With a total of 49 different vaccinations given to American children from birth to approximately age 7, we can see that there is a huge risk for adverse effects in those children who are born with genetic or nutritional weaknesses.

Mrs. Barnes also points out that the serum for each individual vaccination is drawn up from a vial containing enough serum for perhaps 5 vaccinations. The homogeneity of that serum is not perfect, and the preservative (which may still contain a heavy metal such as mercury or aluminum, despite efforts to eliminate these from our children’s vaccines) may be greater in quantity from one vaccination to the next, depending upon whether it is the first or fifth injection taken from that vial. So this is an additional variable that may affect the outcome from a vaccination given to a child. Combine this with the fact that so many mothers give Tylenol or some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug to their children after vaccinations, effectively preventing the body from mounting its full normal detoxification actions, and we can again see why it is such a Russian roulette of possible after-effects for children receiving dozens of vaccines within a period of months to years.

With the full spectrum of development delays representing such devastating effects on our children’s brain chemistries, we have to begin to do more than hope that each child born is not one of the affected. We have to take steps, both in preconception and in pregnancy, to strengthen our children’s genetic and nutritional status. And somehow, some way, we have to find the means to space, if not dramatically reduce, the number of vaccinations given during the first critical years of brain development. Immunity naturally strengthens after the first two years of a child’s life. Could we not stem this tide of foreign injections into a child’s body until after their fragile first years?

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