January 4, 2018
We are pleased to have you visit our website and request you to check back regularly and participate in the discussions.
Our first blog is about the types of people who come for treatment at COEM. While the center is based in Charleston, SC our patient population actually comes from all over the world!  There are several reasons for this:
1. Reputation of Doctors
2. Quality of Care
3. Value
4. Personal Attention
COEM believes in looking at the “total body stress load” for every patient that comes to our center.  We compare the human body to an elevator:  an elevator may have a maximum capacity of 2,500 lbs.  The elevator does not know who gets on and who gets off, it just knows that after it reaches 2,500 lbs it cannot function the way it would like to.  Our bodies respond the same way;  allergies, exposures, diet, work-related stress, and depression are just a handful of the many ‘passengers’ that get on our elevators.  We work to eliminate some of the ‘passengers’ through allergy testing, chelation therapy, dietary supplementation, nutritional counseling, and other techniques.
COEM prides itself on the sincerity we take with our patients. We know that you have
choices and can seek care anywhere. What sets us apart is the attention to detail and the attention to the individual. We genuinely care for our patients and that shows in the numerous personal referrals we get of friends, co-workers and family members. It is not uncommon for us to treat 3 generations of one family!  Here are just a few comments from patients that we have received:
“Everyone was pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable” – Columbia, SC
“So full of information, took time with me, I felt like everyone truly wanted to help you.  I was not pushed out the door in 30 minutes with a bag full of medicine that would not help.  I feel I have found the right place to help with my problems.  Thank you” –  Walterboro, SC
“Exceptional value” – Hilton Head Island, SC
“My experience at COEM was very personal.  My historian and Dr. Lieberman were great listeners and showed concern for me personally” – Lyman, SC
“I have renewed faith in doctors.  Not only are you thorough- you actually listen” – Charleston, SC
Would it surprise you that we see patients from the far East, Middle East, Europe, and all over North America?  What is the farthest distance you would be willing to travel to seek help for you or your loved one’s conditions?  What do you most value when you visit physician offices?
Our approach to medicine is more holistic and we try to help your body heal itself.  Do you want to take a more holistic approach to healing?
The purpose of this blog is to get both current and prospective patients to interact with us.  Tell us what you want from a doctor, tell us what you already like about the Center, share with us news articles pertaining to what we do or medicine in general.
TELL US what you want to see from this blog!
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COEM Staff
January 4, 2018


Dimenticavo di dirvi che Venerdi il Center era chiuso per la festività del Venerdi Santo, quindi giornata di vacanza extra, ma senza interrompere le terapie!

Risveglio: caffè

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interfase

Mattino: Chemicals 1 drop (inizio terapia)

Sintomi: Dopo 10’ edema e contrazione gola, pupille gonfie, caldo, mancamento, formicolio – Dopo 10’ meglio, edema, “peso” stomaco, preso Hist/Ser 1+1 drop, BP 129/79 F97 – Dopo meglio

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Pomeriggio: H1830 Chemicals 1 drop (inizio terapia)

Cena: Sun, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: Formula #1

Notte: H 22:00 BP 121/70 F94, gonfiore addome, edema, insonnia, preso Altiazem 1/2 cp (antiaritmico) per frequenza cardiaca (è l’unico farmaco che prendo da anni, anche se in dosaggio molto ridotto, perchè dosaggi maggiori mi intossicano)


I forgot to tell you that the Center was closed Friday for Holy Friday holiday, and extra vacation day, but without interrupting therapy!

Awakening: coffee

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interphase

Morning: Chemicals 1 drop (early therapy)

Symptoms: After 10 ‘swelling and contraction of the throat, eyes swollen, warm,faint, tingling – After 10’ better, edema, “weight “of the stomach, taken Hist / Ser 1+1 drop, BP 129/79 F97 – After more

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Afternoon: H1830 Chemicals 1 drop (early therapy)

Dinner: Sun, HepaTrope

After dinner: Formula # 1

Night: 22:00 H BP 121/70 F94, swollen abdomen, edema, insomnia, took Altiazem 1/2 cp (antiarrhythmic) for heart rate (this is the only drug that I take for years,although in very low dosage, because higher dosage get me poisoned


E’ la domenica di Pasqua, una Pasqua lontana da casa e dalla famiglia. Rispettiamo il precetto andando a messa in una chiesa cattolica di Charleston, la St. Mary, una funzione suggestiva, parte in inglese e parte in latino. Per fortuna troviamo un banco appartato e con la mascherina ai carboni attivi riesco a seguire quasi tutta la funzione.

Risveglio: Chemicals 1 drop – caffè – BP 113/72 F89

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interfase

Mattino H0930: Mab/Rubella 1 drop (inizio terapia)

Sintomi: Edema, malessere, formicolio

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Pomeriggio: H1830 Chemicals 1 drop – Mab/Rubella 1 drop (G: Mog)

Cena: Sun, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: Formula #1 – Preso Altiazem 1/2cp – Bicarb + Vitamin C


It is an Easter Sunday, an Easter away from home and family. We respected the commandment going to Mass in a Catholic Church in Charleston, St. Mary, a suggestive service, partly in English and partly in Latin. Luckily we find a secluded bench and having on the Active Coal Mask I can follow a part of the service.

Awakening: a drop Chemicals – Coffee – BP 113/72 F89

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interphase

Morning H0930: Mab / rubella 1 drop (early therapy) – Note: Food Inj colored? To be checked – (G: Food / Inh Inj)

Symptoms: Swelling, discomfort, tingling

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Afternoon: 1 H1830 Chemicals drop – Mab / Rubella 1 drop (G: Mog)

Dinner: Sun, HepaTrope

After dinner: Formula # 1- Took Altiazem 1/2 cp. + Bicarb + Vitamin C

January 4, 2018


Oggi meglio

Risveglio: MOG, caffè
Breakfast: Policosanol, Sun, ACES
Mattino: Ossigeno -Foot bath – IV Myers + Vitamin B12 + alfa lipoico – PJ (minerali) sub-lingua – Ricevuto Vitamin C

Sintomi: Edema mucose, occhi, mal di testa

Nota: Elaine consiglia dieta 21 giorni senza zuccheri, carboidrati, carni e formaggi, solo brown rice (riso integrale) e proteine di soia e legumi – regolarizza l’intestino per lungo tempo – A casa vitamine, gocce, terapia IV, esercizio fisico, bagno con sali di Epsom (per ridurre edemi), sauna 1H x 2/settimana o più

Pranzo: DHA, Multithera, Sun Chlorella, HepaTrope
Pomeriggio: Andati a Mt Pleasant e Charleston
Cena: Sun Chlorella


Today better

Awakening: MOG, coffee
Breakfast: Policosanol, Sun, ACES
Morning: Oxygen-Foot bath – Myers IV + Vitamin B12 + alpha lipoic acid – PJ(minerals) sub-tongue – Received Vitamin C

Symptoms: Swelling mucous membranes, eyes, headache

Mid morning: PectaSol suspended

Note: Elaine diet recommends 21 days without sugar, carbohydrates, meats andcheeses, only brown rice and legumes and soy protein – regulates the intestine for a long time – at home vitamins, drops, IV therapy, exercise, bath with Epsom salts (to reduce swelling), sauna 1H x 2/settimana or more

Lunch: DHA, Multithera, Sun Chlorella, HepaTrope
Afternoon: Go to Mt Pleasant and Charleston
Dinner: Sun Chlorella

January 4, 2018

Cari amici,

Enza ed io desideriamo ringraziare voi tutti per quanto avete fatto per noi, sia professionalmente che umanamente. Siamo molto contenti e soddisfatti dei risultati ottenuti e delle migliorate condizioni di salute di Enza. Quest’anno ci siamo trovati anche meglio dello scorso anno, anche dal punto di vista nutrizionale ed organizzativo ed inoltre ci siamo conosciuti meglio, diventando come una famiglia. Siete una squadra speciale! Grazie ancora e arrivederci

Enza e Luigi

Dear friends,

Enza and I want to thank you all, for what you did for us, both professionally and personally. We are very happy and satisfied with the results and improved health conditions of Enza. This year we were even better than last year, also from the nutritional point of view and organizational perspective, and we also know each other better and become like a family. You are a special team! Thanks again and goodbye.

Enza and Luigi

January 4, 2018

It’s wonderful to be a part of COEM and watch the healing journey unfold for so many patients. There are so many types of health problems that are handled effectively by our Doctor, but Biodetoxification for chemical hypersensitivity is one that COEM does best.

COEM’s Biodetoxification Unit is one of only 5 in the nation. Dr. Lieberman designed and built the unit in 1989 to treat chemically sensitive patients who could not be treated in other routine clinic or hospital settings. In this protected environment, built of exclusively environmentally safe materials, even extremely sensitive patients can come for 4 weeks on an outpatient basis to receive detoxifying, desensitizing, and rehabilitative therapies. From 8:30 or 9 am each morning, until 6 pm each evening, their entire day is filled with healing, totally scent-free therapies and routines, with the result that each patient’s own body burden of absorbed toxic chemicals can be mobilized and safely excreted. Often it is this accumulated load that has finally reached a point that the person can no longer detoxify normal ambient exposures to so many different things. When their “internal environment” is cleaned up and strengthened, the “external environment” becomes more manageable for their body.

Over the years, the types of therapies have been changed based on clinical experience. This is the measuring stick by which Dr. Lieberman judges which therapies to include: Does a therapy produce clinical results, either by safely mobilizing toxins or by safely boosting their excretion? Are there positive changes seen in a patient’s symptoms by the end of the program? Is the patient repleted of all the nutrients necessary for biodetoxification during the course of treatment? Does objective laboratory testing substantiate all of these? Fortunately, with monitoring of vital signs throughout the day and weekly laboratory and other testing, as well as constant supervision paired with medical evaluation, these terribly sick and discouraged patients are able to safely detoxify their stored burden of toxic chemicals.

What we see during this process is a gradual transformation. Mental health counseling is also offered each week, to help a patient clean out the accumulated “mental toxins” that comes with chronic illness. On all levels—physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual for some—the patient begins to change. The Biodextoxification Program offers powerful tools and personal support to very sensitive patients to be able to finally change their lives to meet the challenges inherent in this modern industrial society. We laugh and cry with our patients, rejoice in their advances and help them up through their difficulties. By the end of 4 weeks, many say that their lives have been saved. Others say that so many seeds have been sown that they can’t wait to see what further changes will happen now that they are armed with maintenance biodetoxification tools to use at home.

If you are reading this and are one of those environmentally sensitive people who need help, please consider our team and the Doctor who felt moved to change his whole approach to medicine, just to be able to help patients such as yourself.

January 4, 2018


Risveglio: MOG, caffè

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Berberine

Mattino: Esercizio con Ossigeno – Ossigeno – Massage – Sauna 45’ x 1 – Peso: 112,5 lb = 51,0 kg – Chiesto e avuto PBZ #2 – Avuto da Nutrizionista Charlotte Intestinal Formula #1 (Dr. Schulze’s, 90 caps) per costipazione; per una detox efficace è molto importante eliminare le tossine che si accumulano nell’intestino, che se non eliminate vengono riassorbite e causano superlavoro del fegato per metabolizzarle; inoltre pazienti con MCS hanno difficoltà a metabolizzare le sostanze esogene; raccomanda continuare terapia per almeno 6 mesi – Richiesta anche indicazione dieta gluten-free, soy-free a rotazione

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Copper + Iron

Pomeriggio: IV Myers + Vitamin B12 + alfa lipoico – Sauna 30’ x 2

Sintomi: Mal di testa, nausea (dovuta al ferro?) – Preso Bicarb

Nota: Il Magnesio si trova già nella IV, per cui non viene dato in aggiunta per mal di testa

Cena: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: Formula #1

Sintomi: Prurito ai polsi, pelle sensibile e arrossata, edema, “pressione testa”, iperattività – BP 123/71 F=93 – Preso Bicarb e PBZ – Calore all’addome, diarrea (sintomi previsti con Formula #1)


Awakening: MOG, coffee

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Berberine

Am: Exercise with Oxygen – Oxygen – Massage – Sauna 45 ‘x 1 – Weight: 112.5 lbs= 51.0 kg – Asked PBZ and got # 2 – Had by nutritionists Charlotte IntestinalFormula # 1 (Dr. Schulze’s, 90 caps ) for constipation, a detox is very important toeffectively eliminate toxins that accumulate in the gut, if not eliminated arereabsorbed and cause the liver for metabolize overwork; MCS patients also have difficulty in metabolizing exogenous substances and recommends to continuetherapy for at least 6 months – Request for also an indication of diet gluten-free,soy-free in rotation

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Copper + Iron

Afternoon: Myers IV + Vitamin B12 + alpha lipoic acid – Sauna 30 ‘x 2

Symptoms: Headache, nausea (due to iron?) – Taken Bicarb

Note: Magnesium is already in the IV, so it is not given in addition for headache

Dinner: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

After dinner: Formula # 1

Symptoms: Itching wrists, sensitive skin and redness, swelling, “head pressure”,hyperactivity – BP 123/71 F = 93 – Taken bicarb and PBZ – Heat the abdomen,diarrhea (symptoms expected with Formula # 1)

Risveglio: MOG, caffè – BP normale – Edema, prurito, iperattivit�

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Berberine > Bagno: dolore e diarrea
Rich. PANSALT, EPSOM SALT (da acquistare al Supermarket), Gloves no-latex no-powder

Mattino: Esercizio con ossigeno – Prelievo urine – Test allergici “Petro” e “Mercaptan”

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase,

H13:30 – Colloquio Dr. Lieberman: Formula #1 va bene, talvolta dolore e calore addome, diarrea – Ieri dopo IV e sauna prurito polsi, orecchie, schiena e caviglie, malessere, edema, frequenza alta (93), iperattività – Stamattina debolezza, fatica, edema, prurito R: Sistemando intestino i problemi saranno molto minori

Medicine prescritte da cardiologo (vedi lista), antibiotico, anestetico generale, anti-infiammatorio – R: Riducendo carico tossico sarà possibile usare normali farmaci

Gocce per prurito e secchezza condotto uditivo R: usare PBZ Drops – Gocce per visita oculistica –

Per fare a casa IV meglio portare via farmaci per preparazione? R: Problemi con dogane, vedi Nota x prossima visita

Esami settimanali delle urine? Risultati degli esami fatti, il colesterolo totale a casa è > 250, qui 1^ settimana ca. 180? R: Urine molto buono, pH alcalino per acqua

Esame urine per ricerca metalli pesanti? R: test non ancora arrivato

Test allergici per: Petro, Mercaptan – Meglio un vaccino specifico per questi – Esistono per segatura di legno e detergenti per pulizia casa e biancheria? R: Petro dà copertura contro tutte le sostanze chimiche derivate da petrolio, Mercaptan sembra avere effetto di copertura per profumi – Preparare un vaccino unico x 2 antigeni – Prendere 1 drop x 4/day + 1 drop in presenza profumi + G&G – R: No –

Uso di carbone attivo per meteorismo? R: SI, darà lui prodotto

Di solito dopo il massaggio a casa ho edema, difficoltà a respirare e insonnia

A volte dopo esposizioni ho “pressione nella testa” e specie di convulsioni nel corpo e difficoltà a respirare

Pomeriggio: Test Mercaptan (continuazione) – Da preparare vaccino food (accordo Charlotte) con antigeni non testati lo scorso anno ed abitualemente usati: Basil (basilico), celery (sedano), date (dattero), sweet potato (patata dolce) – Fatti: Basilico, dattero – Sauna 30’ x 2

Sintomi: dolore addominale, diarrea

Cena: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: Formula #1

Sintomi: Prurito e macchie ai polsi, pelle sensibile e arrossata, edema, “Pressione testa”, iperattività – BP 123/71 F=93 – Preso Bicarb e PBZ – Calore all’addome, diarrea


Awakening: MOG, coffee – normal BP – Swelling, itching, hyperactivity

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Berberine> Bath: pain and diarrhea

Req. PANSALT, EPSOM SALT (to purchase at the Supermarket), Gloves no-no-powder latex

Morning: Exercise with oxygen – Drawing urine – Test allergic “Petro” and “mercaptan”

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase,

H13: 30 – Interview Dr. Lieberman: Formula # 1 is fine, sometimes abdominal pain and heat, diarrhea – Yesterday, after IV and sauna itchy wrists, ears, back and ankles, malaise, edema, high frequency (93), hyperactivity – This morning weakness, fatigue, edema, itching A: Placing the bowel problems are less

Medicine prescribed by a cardiologist (see list), antibiotics, general anesthetics, anti-inflammatory – A: Reducing the toxic load you can use traditional medication

Drops for dryness and itching ear canal A: use PBZ Drops – Drops for eye examination?

Is better to take away home IV medication preparation? A: Problems with customs, see Note for next visit

Weekly urine tests? Results of tests performed, total cholesterol at home is > 250, here last week was approx. 180. A: Urine very good, alkalinity due to pH of water done at the Center (pH 9.5)

Urine test for heavy metals research? A: test not yet arrived

Allergy tests for: Petro, mercaptans – Better a vaccine specifically for them – Do exist tests for sawdust and detergents for household cleaning and laundry? A: Petro is irecommended against all chemicals derived from oil, mercaptan appears to have actual coverage per perfumes – Prepare a single vaccine antigen to the 2 – Take 1 drop x 4/day and 1 drop in the presence perfumes + G & G – A: No

Use of activated charcoal for meteorism? A: Yes, he will give the product

Usually after the massage at home I have edema, difficulty breathing and insomnia

Sometimes after shows I have “pressure in the head and body in case of seizures and difficulty breathing

Afternoon: Mercaptan test (continuation) – See to prepare food vaccine (according to Charlotte) with antigens not tested last year and routinely used;

Tested: Basil, celery, date, sweet potato – Done : Basil, date – Sauna 30 ‘ x 2

Symptoms: abdomen pain, diarrhea

Dinner: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

After dinner: Formula # 1

Symptoms: Itching and stains at the wrists, sensitive skin and redness, swelling, “head pressure”, hyperactivity – BP 123/71 F = 93 – Taken bicarb and PBZ – Heat the abdomen, diarrhea

January 4, 2018


Risveglio: Mog, caffè

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Interfase (prova per “ringiovanire”)

Mattino: Test allergici: Dattero (completato), Sedano, Patata dolce (Menta non disponibile) – LBG – Foot Bath con ossigeno

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Pomeriggio: Prelievo sangue – IV Myers + Vitamin B12 + Alfa lipoico – Sauna 30’ x 3
Avuti: Food Inj + Dropper Chemicals + Dropper MAB/Rubella (preparati dal laboratorio del Center) + Interfase (Klaire Labs 60 caps per rigenerazione)
Arrivato Urine test della D&D: occorre prendere numerose capsule di chelante per preparazione, preferisco chiedere al Dr. Lieberman lunedi
perché prendendo un prodotto chelante ho avuto dei problemi

Cena: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: No Formula #1 causa diarrea

Notte: Malessere, dolore addome


Awakening: Mog, coffee

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Hepatrope, Interphase (trial for “regeneration”)

Morning: allergy tests: Date (completed), Celery, Sweet Potato (Peppermint unavailable) – LBG – Foot Bath with oxygen

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Afternoon: Drawing blood – Myers IV + Vitamin B12 + Alpha lipoic acid – Sauna 30 ‘x 3

Had: Food Inj + Chemicals Dropper + MAB / Rubella Dropper (prepared by the laboratory of the Center) + Interfase (KlaireLabs 60 caps for regeneration)
Urine test came by D & D: I need to take several chelation capsules before for preparation, but I prefer to ask Dr. Lieberman on Monday
because I had problems using a chelation product

Dinner: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

After dinner: No take Formula # 1 cause diarrhea

Night: discomfort, pain in abdomen


Risveglio: Mog, caffè

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interfase

Mattino: Nuovo Food/Inh Inj non iniziata 1^ dose, vorrei avere chiarimenti su modi somministrazione lunedi – Il vaccino è stato preparato dosando tutti gli antigeni testati lo scorso anno ed i nuovi di quest’anno

Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Cena: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

Dopo cena: Formula #1

Notte: Dolore addome


Awakening: Mog, coffee

Break.: Policosanol, Sun, Hepatrope, Interphase

Morning: New Food Inj not started the 1st dose, I would like before an explanation of how is the administration on Monday – The vaccine was prepared by weighing out all antigens tested last year and new this year

Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Hepatrope, Similase, Berberine

Dinner: Sun, Multithera, HepaTrope

After dinner: Formula # 1

Night: Pain abdomen

January 4, 2018


Risveglio: MOG, caffè
– Breakfast: Policosanol, Multithera, ACES, Sun
– Dinner: HepaTrope (inizio terapia x detox), Sun
– Dopo cena: Ginger #1, 1 caps (inizio terapia per costipazione)


Risveglio: MOG, caffè
– Breakfast: Policosanol, HepaTrope,

Andati a Savannah (Georgia), viaggio di circa 2 ore, ma la città merita per bellezza e vivacità, bella giornata di relax!
– Cena: Sun, Multithera, Hepatrope
– Dopo cena: Ginger #1, 2 caps
– Notte: Dolori addome, bagno due volte e diarrea ((dolori addominali ed altro sono effetto del #1!)



Risveglio: MOG, caffè
– Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Berberine (inizio terapia x colesterolo)
– Mattino: Foot bath – IV Myers + Vitamin B12 + alfa lipoico – PJ (minerali) sub-lingua

Sintomi: Edema mucose e occhi, mal di testa
– Pranzo: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Similase (inizio terapia x aiuto alla digestione)
– Cena: Sun, Multithera, Hepatrope
– Dopo cena: Ginger #1, 1 caps ; dopo: diarrea
– Notte: Edema

Nota: Avrete notato che inizio l’assunzione di un nuovo farmaco con dosaggio graduale ed uno per volta, in modo da potere riconoscere l’effetto senza confonderlo con altri


Awakening: MOG, coffee
– Breakfast: Policosanol, Multithera, ACES, Sun
– Dinner: HepaTrope (x detox therapy beginning), Sun
– After dinner: Ginger # 1, 1 caps (beginning treatment for constipation)


Awakening: MOG, coffee
– Breakfast: Policosanol, HepaTrope,

Gone to Savannah (Georgia), trip approximately 2 hours, but the city deserves for its beauty and vivacity, nice relaxing day!
– Dinner: Sun, Multithera, Hepatrope
– After dinner: Ginger # 1, 2 caps
– Night: abdominal pain, diarrhea and bath twice (abdominal pain and other are effects # 1!)



Awakening: MOG, coffee
– Break.: Policosanol, Sun, ACES, Berberine (beginning treatment x cholesterol)
– Morning: Foot bath – Myers IV + Vitamin B12 + alpha lipoic acid – PJ (minerals)sub-tongue

Symptoms: Swelling mucous membranes and eyes, headache
– Lunch: Sun, DHA, Multithera, Similase (x beginning therapy to aid digestion)
– Dinner: Sun, Multithera, Hepatrope
– After dinner: Ginger # 1, 1 caps, after diarrhea
– Night: Edema

Note: You may have noticed that I begin taking a new drug dosage and graduallyone by one, in order to be able to recognize the impact without merging with other

January 4, 2018


Risveglio: MOG, caffè

Oggi viene fatta pulizia della stanza con ns. prodotto “fragrance free” + baking soda + aspirazione moquette

Ore 8:00: Dentista Dr. Miller in Goose Creek per visita e preventivo protesi (stima $1400) e tempi di realizzazione: costo e tempi sarebbero stati accettabili, ma lavoro non possibile per odori ambiente, guanti no-latex con odore insopportabile e materiale (plastica) per impronta non adatto, mi ha provocato bruciore in bocca e malessere, quasi svenimento, così abbiamo rimandato il lavoro al rientro in Italia, preso PBZ, G&G, Glu/C, meglio –

Breakfast: Policosanol + Sun Chlorella (pareti cellulari di alghe Chlorella polverizzate contenenti Beta-carotene – Vitamina A)

Mattino: Ossigeno – Sauna 30’ x 3

Lunch: DHA, Iron, Copper, Multithera 1 caps. (Prothera, multivitaminico con calcio e Iodio), Sun Chlorella

Pomeriggio: IV Myers + B12 + AlfaLipoico – Sauna 30’ x – Chiesto e ricevuto: Tubo Tygon 20’=6 m. + Maschera Carboni Attivi 3M 8247

– Metà pomeriggio: Preso Pectasol caps. (Chelation Complex ecoNugenics, chelante per metalli pesanti contenente derivati vegetali: pectina di limone modificata e alginati modificati)

Dinner: Sun-Chlorella – Ginger 1 caps (Erba x costipazione)

Nota: Ho richiesto al dr. Lieberman se la sauna ad I.R. è indicata per la terapia, visto che è più adatta ad un uso casalingo per il minore assorbimento di corrente (in genere meno di 3 kW); ha risposto di si, il legno migliore per pazienti come me è il pioppo (poplar wood) e le marche che consiglia
sono “Heavenly Heat” (USA) e “Sauna Rey” (CAN); non so se in Italia siano o meno disponibili.

Ginger fa effetto: 30’ dopo e mattino dopo


Awakening: MOG, coffee

Today maid ​​cleaning our room by our product “fragrance free” + baking soda and aspiration carpet

8:00 am: Dr. Miller Dentist in Goose Creek to visit and prosthesis estimate (estimate $ 1400) and time of creation: cost and time would be acceptable, but work is not possible to smell of the environment, non-latex gloves with unbearable smell and material (plastic) is not suitable, caused me discomfort and burning sensation in the mouth, almost fainting, took PBZ, G & G, Glu / C, better –

Breakfast: Policosanol + Sun Chlorella (Chlorella cell walls of algae powdercontaining Beta-carotene – Vitamin A)

Morning: Oxygen – Sauna 30 ‘x 3

Lunch: DHA, Iron, Copper, 1 Multithera caps. (Prothero, multivitamin with calciumand iodine), Sun Chlorella

Afternoon: Myers + B12 + lipoic IV – Sauna 30 ‘x – Asked for and received: Tygontube 20’ =6 m. and Mask Active Coal 3M 8247

– Mid-afternoon: Took PectaSol caps. (Chelation Complex ecoNugenics, chelating agent for heavy metals containing vegetable extracts: lemon pectin modifiedalginates and modified)

Dinner: Sun-Chlorella – Ginger 1 caps (grass for constipation)

Note: I asked the Dr. Lieberman if the sauna Infra Red is indicated for the treatment, since it is more suitable for home use for less power consumption (typically less than 3 kW), he said yes, the best wood for patients is poplar (poplar wood) and the brands we recommend are “Heavenly Heat” (USA) and “Sauna Rey” (CAN), I do not know whether in Italy or not available.

Ginger is effective: 30 ‘ after the assumption and next morning after

January 4, 2018


Risveglio: MOG, caffè – Malessere (vedi sotto)

Breakfast: Policosanol, Sun Chlorella , ACES (inizio terapia antiossidanti)

Mattino: Esercizio + Ossigeno – Dr. Lieberman dà Berberine Complex per colesterolo (Integrative Ther.: estratti vegetali barberry, oregon grape, golden seal), chiesto anche di spiegare risultato termografia (risposta dallo specialista nei prossimi giorni) e dare terapia per fibromialgia – Ricevuto Hepa Trope II per detox (American Biologics: Vitamina B6, Alfalipoico, Fosfatidilcolina, Trimetilglicina, Glutatione, ecc.) – Sauna 30’ x 3 – Peso 114 lb=51,7 kg

Metà mattino: Pectasol

Pranzo: DHA, Iron, Copper, Multithera, Sun Chlorella, HepaTrope (inizio terapia per detox)

H 13:15: Visita Dr.Lieberman: Ieri inizio terapia supplementi per detox (Sun, Multithera, Pectasol, Aces). Ieri sera formicolio sotto la pelle, viso, labbra, braccia, corpo. Stamattina appena alzata malessere generale, giramento testa, dolore addome e reni, formicolio generale, affanno durante cammino – H10:00 “pressione alla testa”, malessere, formicolio generale. Richiesti: Terapia x colesterolo (Berberine), per dolori da fibromialgia, antibiotici, anestetici generali per chirurgia, ace-inibitore (Ramipril), anti-infiammatori, per fibromialgia (suggerito MAB + Rubella). Problemi: Difetto genetico Citocromo P450, ridotta attività glutatione trasferasi, mutazione CYP2C9, UGT1A1, gastrite HLA-DQ8, tiroidite, calcolo biliare e renella renale, diverticoli colon, intestino permeabile e infiammato.

Richiesta al Dr. Lieberman spiegazione esame “Heart rate”: Il sistema simpatico funziona come come “acceleratore” dell’auto, in me è più attivo, il parasimpatico come il “freno” ed è meno attivo, il “battito” interno all’addome che avverto è dovuto a sistema simpatico, poi il parasimpatico lo blocca.
Per sostituzione atropina nell’esame oculistico, usare neo-synephrine, decongestionante, vasocostrittore, midriatico, in gocce oculari

Pomeriggio: Sauna 30’ x 3 – Ossigeno

Metà pomeriggio H16:00: Pectasol

H17:00 Malessere, mal di testa forte, vampate di calore, sudorazione, nausea, PA 144/95, edema mucose bocca, lingua, difficoltà deglutire, formicolio generale, preso Bicarb+Vit.C, MgSO4 0,5cc (nota: non eccedere con Mg: rilascia muscolatura ed anche cuore, max 1 drop ogni 10’, ripetere se necessario max 4 volte) – Per Dr. Lieberman il malessere potrebbe dipendere da chelante (Pectasol) unito a terapie detox (oggi 6 saune), dosaggio eccessivo per me 2/giorno, per ora sospendere. Per edema prendere Hist/Ser 1 drop, ripetere se necessario dopo 10’ – Preso 3 Drop

H20:00 PA 143/85, meglio – Diarrea

Dinner: No supplementi, Altiazem 1/2

H22:00 Mucose bocca bruciano, formicolio, preso Hist/Ser


Awakening: MOG, coffee – Sickness (see below)

Breakfast: Policosanol, Sun Chlorella, ACES (early antioxidant therapy)

Morning: Exercise + Oxygen – Dr. Lieberman gives x cholesterol Berberine Complex (Integrative Ther.: Barberry plant, Oregon grape, golden seal), also called about thermography (response by Specialist Monday) and fibromyalgia – Received Hepa Trope II x detox (American Biologics: Vitamin B6, alpha lipoic, phosphatidylcholine, Trimethylglycine, glutathione, etc.). Sauna 30 ‘x 3 – Weight 114 lb = 51.7 kg

Mid morning: PectaSol

Lunch: DHA, Iron, Copper, Multithera, Sun Chlorella, HepaTrope (early therapy detox)

H 13:15: Visit Dr.Lieberman:
Yesterday beginning therapy detox supplements x (Sun, Multithera, PectaSol, Aces)
Last night tingling under the skin, face, lips, arms, body
Just got up this morning malaise, turning the head, abdomen and kidney pain, tingling in general, difficulty breathing when walking – H10: 00 “pressure in the head, discomfort, tingling General
Therapy for cholesterol (Berberine), pain from fibromyalgia, antibiotics, general anesthetics for surgery, ACE inhibitor ramipril, anti-inflammatory
Problems: Cytochrome P450 gene defect, reduced glutathione transferase activity, mutation of CYP2C9, UGT1A1, HLA-DQ8 gastritis, thyroiditis, biliary and renal gravel, colonic diverticulitis, leaky gut and inflamed

Note: I asked to Dr. Lieberman to explain the exam” Heart rate”: The sympathetic nervous system as “accelerator”; to me more active , parasympathetic like “brake” is less active, the “beat” I hear in the abdomen is due to sympathetic, then the parasympathetic block it.
Replacement for atropine, using neo-synephrine, decongestant, vasoconstrictor, mydriatic, eye drops
Asked again for antibiotics, drugs, general anesthetics, fibromyalgia (MAB suggested Rubella +) anti-inflammatory

Sauna 30 ‘x 3 – Oxygen

Mid-afternoon H16: 00: PectaSol

H17: 00 Malaise, headache strong, hot flashes, sweating, nausea, PA 144/95, mucosal edema, mouth, tongue, difficulty degluitire, tingling generally taken bicarb + Vit.C, MgSO4 0.5 cc (note: don’t exceed in Mg because it release muscles and also the heart muscle, max 1 drop every 10 ‘ then repeat as necessary up to 4 times) – To Dr. Lieberman it could be due to chelation therapy combined with detox (6 saunas today), 2 Pectasol may be excessive dose to me, for the time being suspended. For edema take Hist / Ser 1 drop, repeat if necessary after 10 ‘- Taken 3 Drop

H 20:00 PA 143/85, best – Diarrhea

Dinner: No supplements, Altiazem 1 / 2

H 22:00 mucous mouth burning, tingling, took Hist / Ser

January 4, 2018


Al risveglio: Mesquite, Onion, Garlic Drop
Breakfast: Policosanol + Lunch: DHA, Amino-Iron 18mg, Copper 2mg (da prendere durante la biodetoxification) + Dinner 1/2 cp. Altiazem
Mattino: Esercizio + Ossigeno 15’ – Massage – Sauna 30’ x 3 – Accusato malessere, nausea, debolezza, preso Bicarb+Vitamin C, meglio

Parlato con dr. Lieberman: sono preoccupata per risultato termografia (fibrocisti?) guarderà immagini e parlerà con specialista – Avevo richiesto di indicarmi un dentista per una protesi, il dottore mi ha fissato appuntamento con un dentista di Goose Creek per domattina ore 8 (per una visita e preventivo di spesa) – Ricevuti i supplementi nutrizionali da assumere durante la terapia di biodetoxification, No DMG perchè non sopportato nel 2010 (vedi schema) – Domani inizierò a prenederli

Pomeriggio: Sauna 30’ x 2 – Dolore ad addome e fianco destro, preso Bicarb+Vitamin C e PBZ, meglio – Ossigeno 1H
In generale noto che le saune mi giovano molto per sgonfiarmi ed eliminare le tossine, dopo averle fatte mi sento molto meglio
Prima di cena, una passeggiata e stiratura camicie (chiesto ferro vapore al desk)


On wake up: Mesquite, Onion, Garlic Drop
Breakfast: Policosanol + Lunch: DHA, Amino-Iron 18mg, Copper 2mg (to take along the biodetoxification) + Dinner 1 / 2 cp. Altiazem
Morning: Exercise Oxygen + 15 ‘- Massage – Sauna 30’ x 3 – Accused discomfort,nausea, weakness, taken bicarb + Vitamin C, better

Talked to dr. Lieberman: I’m worried about the result thermography (fibrocytes?)look at pictures and speak with a specialist – I was asked to tell a dentist for adenture, the doctor set me an appointment with a dentist in Goose Creek tomorrow morning at 8 am (for a visit and quote spending) – Received by nutritional supplements taken during therapy biodetoxification, No DMG because I did not endured in 2010 (see diagram) – Tomorrow I will start to take it

Afternoon: Sauna 30′ x 2 – Pain in abdomen and right flank, taken Vitamin C + Bicarb and PBZ, better – Oxygen 1H
Generally known that the sauna helped me a lot to deflate and remove toxins, afterhaving made ​​me feel much better
Before dinner, a walk and ironing shirts (applied steam iron desk)