March 29, 2011

COEM announces the arrival of a new state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera for our thermography program: The 7320 Epidermal Thermal Imaging Professional (ETIP)

What we have learned from our first ten years and over a thousand patient studies is that breast thermography is one of the most sensitive and specific procedures for detecting early pre-malignant and malignant changes in the breast. Best of all, thermography doesn’t require dangerous radiation or painful compression of the breast. It can also find changes in breast cells six to ten years before x-ray mammography, making it the safest and most effective screening tool for the detection of breast cancer.

Here are the facts that every woman should know:

1) Using autopsy data on women in their 40’s who died of causes other than cancer, 40%, or 1 in 2.5 women already had incidental or latent breast cancer.

2) The peak death rate from breast cancer occurs between ages 40-45 years, and these cancers began approximately 15 years earlier. Screening would have to begin by ages 25- 30 years old. However, our health agencies now recommend that with x-ray mammography, screening shouldn’t begin until age 50, because they know that radiation alone increases the risk of inducing cancer. Their reasoning for recommending this later age for beginning mammography screening was never explained to women.

3) What the high incidence of latency means is that these incidental cancers may never progress to clinical cancer. But how do you know? Looking for interval changes is the only way, and breast thermography is the only safe and cost-effective procedure available today.

The Center is offering our patients the incredible price of $125, an almost 55% discount off the normal $275 cost, to establish a new baseline using the new camera. Our new camera has sensitivity down to 1 millimeter (the size of a pinhead) and a temperature sensitivity of as little as 0.027 of a degree.

Screening with the new camera will begin on April 11th and this discount will apply until June 11th. Look at your calendar then call the office or e-mail us to schedule your visit. Why not bring a friend or relative to share this event? Visit our website here to make your appointment request.

Many women fear breast screenings because of the discomfort and potential radiation exposure, but remember that thermography is pain free and does not compress the breast in any way as it is completely non-invasive.

You have the ability to reverse early changes or change their progression. Please click here after reading this E-alert to read how to prevent cancer and how to reverse its progression.

To Your Health,
Allan Lieberman, M.D., F.A.A.E.M.
Medical Director,
The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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