Great News For Patients Suffering Hair Loss

July 8, 2011

I guess we are all a little vain. Like many of my patients I was concerned when I looked in the mirror and realized I was losing some of my hair.

Hair loss is a common complaint of both men and women. Low stomach acid and low thyroid function are two major causes of hair loss. Correcting these imbalances often reverses the problem, however at times the solution is more difficult and complex with many nutritional factors critical to hair growth.

Baldness is more prevalent in men as you will note by just looking around you. This condition is related to the higher testosterone levels in men which are metabolized into a molecule that causes an imbalance in the physiology of hair.

The beauty of a woman’s hair is dependent on her level of testosterone and how it is metabolized.


There is a new product developed for hair loss, called Restore FX, which works on the inside of the body rather than being applied directly to the scalp. The product contains an amazingly comprehensive formula of nutrients which affects the natural physiology of our hair. Nutrition is a critical factor, so sulfur containing amino acids, biotin, essential fatty acids, zinc, copper, and anti-oxidants have been included in the formula. How estrogen and testosterone are metabolized is another critical piece of the puzzles so Diindolymethone and Aromatose blockers are also included to deal with this factor.


Significant results have been achieved from as little as a three month course of treatment.


I thought we should offer this formula to our patients. If you elect to try it, be prepared to continue using it for a minimum of three months. The formula requires three capsules daily, with food, and a one-month-supply costs $60.00


If interested, please email us.




Allan D. Lieberman, M.D., F.A.A.E.M.
Consultant in Occupational and Environmental Medicine








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