Hunter Gatherer Diet

January 5, 2018

After the holidays most of us suffer with some form of weight gain.  I must say that I certainly enjoyed all the festivities that revolve around that time of year, however I now have the extra pounds to show for it.

Resolutions never seem to always work for me, but feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes did.  Fortunately, the help that I needed was as close as my fingertips.  Dr. Lieberman has many practical ways to help with weight loss.  One that always works for me is the “Hunter and Gatherer” diet, also known as the “Caveman” diet.  It consists of eating only those foods that are grown (vegetables), hunted (fish, meat and chicken-not fried or battered) and gathered (berries and nuts).  This diet eliminates all fast food, processed food and most dairies and sugars.  (Remember, these are the foods that got you into trouble in the first place!).

I always feel so much better after I am on this diet, and the weight seems to fall off! I also try to do some type of exercise each day.  Some exercise is better than no exercise.  Walking up and down a small flight of stairs for 7 minutes a day alone can get your heart rate up and help to burn off some of those calories.  Any type of activity that you can do each day that gets you a little winded such as brisk walking is all part of the plan to help you lose weight and get you in better health.

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