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Building Strong Bones Safely and Effectively

A Non-Drug Approach

There is a scientific evidence-based approach to bone building that does not involve taking bone-building drugs. This program can provide superior results to combat osteoporosis.

It is estimated that 50 percent of postmenopausal women have osteopenia, or early bone loss, and a smaller but very significant number of women have severe bone loss or osteoporosis. It should be no surprise then to see the large number of women who are prescribed bone-building drugs like Fosamax. What is surprising though is that physicians seem unaware that these drugs can cause a serious destruction of the jawbone, induce cardiac arrhythmias, and may be causing an increase in esophageal cancers. It also has been shown that the new bone formed in response to many of the bone-building drugs is actually more fragile than normal bone.

We hope that those of you who are currently taking bone-building drugs will discuss these findings with your primary care physicians and consider safer alternatives. We urge women, as well as men, to not risk taking the currently prescribed bone-building drugs. Our philosophy is to always look for safer and more natural treatment options for health problems.

At the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, our Bone Building Program begins with a comprehensive diagnostic work-up, including specialized laboratory testing to measure the rate at which bone is being resorbed, or broken down. This test does not involve harmful radiation and is a safe and effective tool to assess the rate of bone remodeling. Depending upon an individual’s history, laboratory testing to determine levels of many different hormones, as well as specific nutrient levels, may also be important parts of the initial diagnostic process.

Since our goal is to build new bone that is strong and healthy, our treatment includes a balanced nutrient program. Building bone is a complex process that requires calcium, but also the right proportion of phosphorous, boron, Vitamin K2, and anabolic tissue building hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, growth hormone, and estrogen. Vitamin D is essential in promoting the absorption of calcium from our food. [Also see our information on Vitamin D.] Mother was right–milk products can provide bone-building proteins, too, but better alternatives are available for those sensitive to dairy. All of these nutrients are essential to prevent bone loss in our older years.

When there is serious, ongoing loss of bone, one more magic bullet is needed, one that is far superior to and safer than Fosamax or similar drugs. That magic bullet is the mineral Strontium, and when it is combined with the above nutrients in the proper balance, it can triple the bone growth normally achieved with drugs and with NO side effects.

In addition, when laboratory tests reveal hormone deficiencies or imbalances, Natural Hormone Balancing, using bio-identical hormones in proper ratios based upon the results of testing, can safely boost natural bone building processes.

For more information about our Bone Building Program, please call The Center at (843) 572-1600, and speak to our New Patient Coordinator, Cathy. For additional information and supporting documentation on this protocol, please refer to these three papers which are a sampling of several on the topic:

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