Phthalates Levels and Chlorophyllin

February 3, 2015

Phthalates Levels and Chlorophyllin

A recent article I read described studies showing that the higher the levels of phthalates found in the urine of pregnant women, the higher the incidence of premature birth and complications.

Phthalates are man-made plasticizers used in plastics which are found almost everywhere and they are detected in up to 98% of all people. They are endocrine disrupters and capable of causing reproductive problems and adding to our epidemic of estrogen dominance responsible for so much pathology, especially breast, but also prostate cancer.

The bulk of phthalates are found in our food, especially meat and dairy in significant levels. If there ever was a need for Chlorophyllin, this would be one. This again emphasizes the role of environmental triggers in causing so much of our diseases and easily explains why one in every two men, and one in every three women, develop cancer in their lifetime.

This reinforces my adding of Chlorophyllin to my list of indispensable nutrients we should all be taking. I have added it to our Preconception Program for couples working to have normal, healthy babies. But if we are smart, we would all be taking Chlorophyllin.

Of interest, one of our recipients of Chlorophyllin reported that multiple warty skin lesions she has had for years all fell off after a few weeks on this nutrient. Wow! is all I can say.

For more information, you can read the initial e-Alert on Chlorophyllin we sent back in November 2014 by clicking here. One capsule with each meal seems to work best.

Thanks for reading and giving this some thought.


Yours in health,

Allan D. Lieberman, M.D., F.A.A.E.M.

Medical Director

Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine

February 3, 2015