Please Welcome Our New Associate Dr. Weirs

September 4, 2013

Dr. Lieberman and staff are extremely pleased to announce the affiliation of Dr. William J. Weirs. Please welcome Dr. Weirs and his wife Nikki as we continue to grow the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine.




Dr. Weirs will be working directly with Dr. Lieberman, bringing his knowledge and expertise to complement what the Center is already known for.


In his own words here is Dr. William J. Weirs……..

Hello COEM family of patients and friends. I would like to introduce myself and my wife Nikki.


I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia and lived there until completing high school. I attended college at Georgia College & State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in chemistry and biology. I also earned a Bachelor of General Studies degree majoring in Outdoor Education. I have always had a strong love for nature and the outdoors.


I attended medical school at Mercer University School of Medicine. During my third year of medical school two significant events occurred. First and most importantly I met the love of my life, my future wife, Nikki. She was working in the same pediatric clinic I was interning in. The other significant event occurred when I read a book entitled “Better Eating for Optimal Health” by Dr. Andrew Weil. This book suggested, for people who had asthma or allergy, to consider eliminating all dairy products from their diet.


I had suffered from severe environmental allergies, asthma, and atopic dermatitis from a very young age. I was treated by an allergist for several years and received allergy shots weekly through my high school years. I grew up thinking milk was part of a healthy diet, so I was curious and somewhat skeptical at the thought that diet could affect allergy symptoms. Despite this I decided to give it a shot and quit all dairy products. The difference was simply amazing! My eczema cleared up dramatically. My previously steroid dependent asthma essentially went away, and my allergies lessoned significantly. I was dumbfounded. So there I was at the end of my third year in medical school, thinking I had a good understanding of human physiology, when I realized how little I knew of the effect of diet and nutrition on a person’s overall health. It quite literally changed my entire perspective and fostered a strong interest in integrative medicine.


In my fourth year of medical school I became interested in the excitement of emergency medicine and ultimately decided to pursue emergency medicine as a career. I did my residency in Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, and after completing residency I went to work fulltime as an emergency physician. Working fulltime in the ER was fulfilling in many ways but frustrating in many more ways. I realized the rotational shift schedule was taking more of a toll on my health than I had expected. I also became frustrated seeing so many illnesses that could have been completely prevented. I never lost my interest in nutritional and integrative medicine, and finally decided to leave the ER and practice integrative medicine, leading to my affiliation with Dr. Lieberman and the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine .


I believe that each person is a unique individual. All humans have similarities but we are each biochemically unique. The perfect diet and environment for me may not be perfect for someone else. My goal is to help my patients achieve optimal health by optimizing their personal environment and wellness.


I am excited to work with Dr. Lieberman and learn from his 50+ years of experience. I am amazed at the depth of what the practice treats and the loyalty of the patients and I look forward to both learning and teaching as I become an integral part of the practice. Please feel free at any time to stop by and say hello, otherwise I look forward to meeting you during regular follow ups.



Yours in Health,


William J. Weirs, MD


Dr. William J. Weirs, FACEP

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