Thermography Special

January 5, 2018

As many of our readers have seen, the Center upgraded the thermography equipment in April of this year.  The new equipment allows for an even more sensitive reading of the scans.�

Because the Center received such an overwhelming response from the special offer for the last several weeks, we have decided to offer another special for anyone who missed out.  From now until September 6th any NEW or REPEAT thermograms will be priced at $165.  This is a wonderful discount from the normal price of $275.

A few reminders:

1-      Remember that you do not have to be a current patient of Dr. Lieberman or the Center to receive a thermography.

2-      There are very strict instructions that patients must adhere to prior to receiving a scan.  They range from items such as no prolonged sun exposure (no sunburn) to the chest or breasts for 5 days prior to the procedure (including no tanning beds) to no bathing within 1 hour of the exam.  Note: A complete list of instructions is provided to those who schedule.

3-      Thermography involves no radiation or pain and is totally non-invasive, requiring no contact with the body.

4-      Abnormalities caught early enough can often be reversed through simple nutritional therapies.

5-      For anyone who is considering repeating a thermogram with this new equipment, they should know that the method of evaluation is the same.  The only change is the degree of sensitivity and that is for the better.

There is no reason why any woman should not take proper precaution in preventing Breast cancer.  Your health and your life are very dear.

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