January 5, 2018

It’s Leap Year! We have 1 more day this year, more time, or do we? What is time? It’s not a clock or a watch or a calendar. Time, I’ve been told is an artificial construct, something man created to give order to his world. Our ancestors observed patterns of change in the sky above them and used these patterns as a basis for creating the concept of time. Time gives predictability to our lives, even if it is an illusion. “When?” and “How long will it take?” are important questions to us, but perhaps we need to worry less about how much time we have and be more concerned about how we use the time we have, the choices we make.

I’ve observed that the perception of time seems to vary with individuals. Young people often think time is moving too slowly, while older people know that it moves much too fast. Some people seem to think their time is more important than the time of others. Observe the driver who weaves in and out of traffic, unnecessarily endangering other drivers because he or she didn’t allow enough time to get to a destination, or the doctor’s office that expects a patient to be on time only to wait and wait and wait for the doctor who spends 10 minutes with them, if they are lucky, or the insurance company that demands that we pay our premiums on time but makes us wait far too long for them to pay a legitimate claim. My grandson operates on his own time schedule. He doesn’t care what day it is or what time it is. If he is absorbed in completing a task he has set for himself, forget about expecting him to do what you want him to do when you want him to do it. He’s very bright and he usually makes good grades in school, but he sometimes has difficulty completing a test in the allotted time because he wants to answer every question correctly and fully according to his standards.

Most people are concerned with saving time, but what if we could buy time? At COEM we make it possible for women to buy time when it comes to breast cancer with our thermography program. Thermography, a completely safe procedure with little discomfort, gives a woman an early warning signal by providing information about changes in breast tissue which may predict the development of cancer 6 to 10 years before the cancer actually develops, and gives her time to do something about those changes. We offer advice about life style and dietary changes and supplements which can reverse those changes and restore normal tissue, preventing cancer. Thermography helps a woman save her life by buying time. Call and set up an appointment and buy yourself some time.

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