“What do I do if my Thermogram Rating is high?”

January 5, 2018

If you have a rating on your scan of TH4 or TH5, this means your chances of developing or maybe having breast cancer are higher than they should be. I know it sounds scary but the one thing I ask of all my patients is NOT to panic.

With our new camera, the sensitivity is so much higher now than it used to be. Please always keep in mind; a scan can detect changes in your breast 10 years before a mammogram can. For the majority of cases, we can help reverse those poor ratings. We do offer multiple treatment plans. We can send you for an ultrasound or a MRI if that is how you wish to proceed after your results come back. We can also start treating with supplements that have been proven time and time again to turn things around. In some women those changes can happen in 6-8 weeks, as others may take a year to see changes. But we have the studies to show it works.

So next time you come in for a scan, if your results come back high, just remember don’t panic. We can get you turned around and on your way back to good health.

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