Who is a Candidate for Breast Thermography

January 5, 2018

Breast thermography is the choice for any woman, regardless of age or breast size, who desires a painless and radiation-free procedure to screen for breast cancer. The American Cancer Society says women are at risk for breast cancer if they:

• Began menstruating before age 12
• Have not borne children
• Bore their first child after age 30
• Stopped menstruating after age 50
• Have personal history or family history of breast cancer
• Have personal history of radiation exposure to the chest
• Are currently taking or have recently taken hormone replacement therapy for longer than 5 years
• Are obese
We recommend that women having one or more risk factors have an annual breast thermogram and younger, premenopausal women have a baseline breast health thermogram. You can come have a scan done no matter what age you are. It’s perfectly healthy with no side effects. So don’t be scared and don’t worry. Just remember the most is important part is taking the first step.

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