COEM was founded in 1978 in the practice of Environmental Medicine. In the past 40 plus years we have expanded our scope to include Functional and Integrative Medicine.

Nutrition and nutritional supplementation have always been at the heart of what we pride ourselves on. The products we use in practice in general and the products which boldly display the COEM brand logo have been selected after rigorous research backed by evidence-based science. COEM brand products are made from the highest quality ingredients manufactured with formulations which consistently deliver results.

COEM is a trusted brand which started in medical practice and has evolved into a consumer brand that is trusted and that delivers goodness in every bottle.


Products formulated using the best science from 4000 years to the present.

Quality Control

All products are made from the highest quality raw materials in a cGMP facility with in-house laboratory testing and chain of custody to ensure what goes into the products you use is not only good but good for you.


COEM’s manufacturing partners operate in FDA registered facilities which are regularly inspected.


COEM is here to serve its patients and customers with excellent service and product knowledge.