Environmental Functional and Integrative Medicine in North Charleston SC

Environmental Medicine is a branch of medicine whose domain is not limited by anatomical boundaries but, rather, is concerned with the whole person and the way that a person reacts to his/her total environment. The approach of Environmental Medicine is holistic in nature and addresses every part of the body, including the brain that controls thinking, perception, mood, and behavior.
Functional Medicine is a patient-centered system of addressing the underlying cause of disease rather than the symptom-centric disease focus of medicine which is generally practiced today. The Functional Medicine doctor believes in treating the whole person and not isolated symptoms. A complete medical history is taken with emphasis on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.
Integrative Medicine is an approach to healing which takes into account your mind, body, and spirit while studying all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle. Using an integrated approach by combining conventional medicine with alternative medical approaches, the focus of Integrative Medicine is to facilitate the body’s innate healing response. Where possible every effort is made to use more natural less invasive
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