Effect of High Copper or Aluminum Levels on Brain Function


Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D.

Many patients have a low blood histamine (histapenia) & high serum copper level. Low histamine patients are typically overstimulated with thoughts racing through their minds making normal ideation difficult. Low histamine children are hyperactive while often healthy in other respects. Serum Cu levels in these patients are abnormally high.

The normal level of serum Cu is about 100 mcg%. Since Cu is a brain stimulant and destroys histamine, the elevated serum (and presumably brain Cu) level probably accounts for many symptoms, including the low blood histamine level.

The treatment Rx consists of the administration of zinc, manganese, vit. C, niacin, vit. B-12, and folic acid. Folic acid in conjunction with B-12 injections raises blood histamine while lowering the degree of symptomatology. Zn allows for the normal storage of histamine in both the blood cells and the brain. Zn and manganese increase the urinary excretion of copper.
Patients with loss of memory frequently have high blood AL levels above 20 ppb. As magnesium, zn and vit C. are given the high blood AL level decreases to normal (less than 10 ppb) and memory improves.

Accumulation of AL occurs in various human tissues including blood, brain, liver & bone. Several independent research reports now indicate that a high AL intake may have an adverse effect on memory in the adult (Alzheimer’s D.), & may be a factor in learning disabilities & behavioral problems in younger people.

Humans do not need AL for any purpose. Individuals with elevated blood AL levels, memory loss & those frequently exposed to AL compounds will find it beneficial to minimize or eliminate all AL sources.  [Editor’s Note: Please consider that most anti-perspirants sold in grocery and drug stores today contain aluminum.  We suggest seeking anti-perspirants and deodorants free of aluminum from reputable health food stores or other sources.  Other sources of aluminum are aluminum cookware, and some brands of baking powder, salt, and anti-acids.]