We are proud to announce the launch of our new blog where staff write about the clinical, administrative, and personal adventures at COEM. We request you to read and comment regularly on this blog and to share it with friends and family as well as potential patients you may be referring to COEM.

Visit the blog at

As an Established Patient you can gain access to a section of the website which is NOT open to the public.

Go to, fill out the form to receive your user id and password and either click the link shown there or proceed to the website to the ‘established patients’ link and sign in to gain access to patient-only forms, resources, and information.

Lastly, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!!!

From the and websites there are links or enter and or and to share your stories, comments, and questions of a general medical nature ( please do not share any personal details of your medical history as this is a public forum). We already have hundreds of people following us on both sites and we look forward to interacting with you!

To your health,

Dr. Allan Lieberman and Staff

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