Symposiums on Man and His Environment

Symposiums on Man and His Environment

The following are articles taken from abstracts submitted by the presenters at the International Symposium on Man and His Environment in Health and Disease, held annually in Dallas, Texas.  They reflect research findings from internationally acclaimed experts on environmental issues and illustrate some of the many concepts important in Environmental Medicine.

We would like to thank our friend and colleague, William J. Rea, M.D., F.A.C.S., for compiling and preserving the complete collection of symposium abstracts from which these are taken.  For the full compilation of extracts from all the International Symposiums on Man and His Environment in Health and Disease, see Dr. Rae’s website:

International Symposium on Man and His Environment in Health and Disease ABSTRACT TOPICS

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Environmental Triggers:  Air Quality
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Tobacco, Air Quality, and Heart Attacks
Interpreting the Pollutant Standards Index
Effects of Pollutants on Lungs & Cardiovascular System

Environmental Triggers:  Food Intolerance
Food Intolerance:  Pharmacological Aspects
Multiple Diseases Caused by Undiagnosed Food Intolerance
Reflux and Ear Infections in Infants Related to Food Allergy

Environmental Triggers:  Hypersensitivity Reactions
Chemical Sensitivities:  Free Radical Pathology
Environmental Sensitivity/Neurotoxicity:  Anti-oxidant Deficiencies
Chemical Sensitivities:  Metabolic Aspects
Environmental Sensitivities:  Non-Physical Approaches
Environmental Illness and Autoimmunity

Environmental Triggers: Immune and Gastrointestinal Effects
Gastrointestinal Cancers:  Environmental Factors
Gut Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue:  ANS Innervation

Environmental Triggers: Molds
Mold Desensitization and Food Avoidance
Mold Exposure and Toxic Encelphalopathies
Mold Exposure and Neurotoxicity

Environmental Triggers:  Neuropsychological/ANS Effects
Neuropsychological Effects from Solvent Exposure
Neuropsychological Responses from Sublingual Neurotransmitters
Neurotoxicity – Central Nervous System
The Neurol Connection with the Immune System
Balancing the ANS in Environmentally-Challenged Patients
Gulf War Veterans:  Psychophysiological Studies

Environmental Triggers:  Pesticides

Insects (and Insecticides) and Our Health
Pyrethrine or Pyrethroid Exposure
Chronic Organophosphate Pesticide Poisoning:  Optic-Autonomic Neuropathy

Metabolic Disorders and Environmental Treatment

Syndrome X (hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperinsulinemia)
Steroid Metabolism:  Modification with Foods and Nutrients
Abnormal Sexual Development Linked to Eating Animals
Treated with Hormones

Nutrition in Health and Disease
Trace Elements in Health (animal studies)
Taurine:  Modulator of Cellular Electrolytes
Effect of High Copper or Aluminum Levels on Brain Function

An Environmental Medicine Approach:
Chronic Illness Treated without Drug or Surgical Therapy (a study of 20 patients)