Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy

In 1997, Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne published a book, Oxygen Multi-step Therapy, (please go to this link to get the picture of this book: http://www.spotcost.com/post/xzxtwxvqzx/) on the use of oxygen to treat multiple diseases. Based on over 4000 cases he had treated successfully since the 1960’s, Von Ardenne described a simple therapeutic technique: administering oxygen by facemask and breathing bag. What was unique in Von Ardenne’s protocol was the delivery of oxygen at the rate of 6-8 liters per minute for a full 2-hour period, and repeated daily for 18 consecutive days.


Most diseases, whether resulting from allergy, infection or toxicity, cause edema or swelling of the smallest blood vessels. This swelling reduces blood flow and therefore the rate at which oxygen dissolved in the blood stream can reach the tissues. As the reduction in tissue oxygenation

continues, all body functions are compromised and a person feels fatigued, the characteristic symptom reported by most sick people. Oxygen deprivation also causes mental fogginess and loss of mental sharpness. These signs and symptoms are not surprising when you realize that the organ systems of the body that use the most oxygen are the muscles, skeletal system, heart, and brain.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has generated much new enthusiasm among physicians who report amazing improvement in many complex patients that have failed other more conventional therapies. What is nice about Von Ardenne’s Oxygen Multi-step Therapy is that it can be done at home, after a short course of orientation at a medical center such as ours, and at a more reasonable cost.

Our Center now offers this highly effective treatment program for all of our patients still suffering fatigue, edema, and compromised neurocognitive brain function. Participation in the program requires attendance at The Center for 5 consecutive days for orientation, blood gas testing on the first and fifth days, and concomitant daily I.V. nutrient replenishment. Patients can then return home for the last 13 days of treatment. We have arranged with one of this country’s major home health companies to deliver the required oxygen directly to your home.

The enthusiasm generated by those who have undertaken the program is clearly justified by the results obtained. If you are looking to:

  • Improve your overall health and energy level
  • Speed up recovery from injury
  • Enhance mental capacity
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce the impact of environmental exposures

For more information, please call The Center at (843) 572-1600.