Do You Know What Makes Functional Medicine Different?

May 27, 2020


Functional medicine is a patient-centered, individualized, and science-based approach that allows practitioners and patients to work together and promote optimal wellness by addressing the underlying causes. The functional medicine approach is different from traditional medicine in many ways. Read on to learn what makes functional medicine unique.

Principles of Functional Medicine

The five basic principles that define functional medicine are:

1. Every human being is different, both genetically and biochemically. Functional medicine focuses on personalized treatment for the individual rather than the disease.

2. Functional medicine is deeply rooted in science. It emphasizes the need to explore the functioning of the body because what happens within us is connected with many other health factors and not only the disease.

3. The human body is intelligent, capable of self-regulation, and expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all body systems.

4. Your body can prevent and heal almost all aging diseases.

5. Health is a state of immense vitality and not just the absence of disease.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

One of the main benefits of functional medicine is that it focuses on details and treats each individual as biochemically and genetically unique. Another advantage of the functional medicine approach is that it uses evidence-based scientific research, which helps doctors thoroughly understand the complex functions of the body.

What Does a Functional Medicine Doctor Do?

Most functional medicine doctors will have an initial consultation with the patient, which lasts for approximately an hour. During this meeting, the doctor will discuss the patient’s complete details, including past medical history, current history, family history, and stress levels. A functional medicine doctor will also order various lab tests if they find it necessary for assessing their patient’s functional health.

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Why is Functional Medicine Important?

The functional medicine approach is important because it can provide a personalized cure for many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., where conventional medicine fails.

Do Functional Medicine Doctors Prescribe Medicine?

A functional medicine doctor prescribes a holistic, personalized plan for treating the patient, including specific nutrition protocols, positive stress reduction practices, exercise recommendations, and lifestyle changes. However, he/she may prescribe the medications if necessary.

What Do Functional Medicine Doctors Treat?

Functional medicine doctors treat the underlying cause of a disease instead of treating just the symptoms of the disease. In other words, the cure is focused on the person and not on the condition.

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Does Functional Medicine Really Work?

Yes. Functional medicine is the best available cure for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, where there is no cure in traditional medicine.

What Conditions Does a Functional Medicine Address?

Functional medicine utilizes a system-oriented approach and addresses the root cause of diseases while understanding the conditions, like environment, genetics, and lifestyle factors, that lead to the disease.

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

Conventional medicine entirely focuses on acute care of medical conditions, like diagnosis and treatment of the disease. However, this method fails in proper tools and methodology for preventing and treating chronic diseases. Functional medicine can address those aspects of concern.

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What Is the Cost of Functional Medicine?

Most of the functional medicine doctors offer their services as health packages or a minimum number of visits. A functional medicine doctor follows this type of pricing to establish a good relationship with a patient.

Who Should Consider Functional Medicine?

People who have visited their doctor and have been treated for their disease, but still feel sick are those who should consider seeing a functional medicine practitioner. Functional medicine has been found to help many chronic conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, psychiatric and neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases, and hormonal problems.

How Do You Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor Near You?

At COEM, we believe in finding the root cause behind the symptoms for restoring your health. If you are searching for the best functional medicine doctor near you, give us a call at 843-572-1600 and schedule an appointment with our functional medicine doctor.