About Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

We specialize in Environmental, Functional, and Integrative Medicine, which are board-certified and evidence-based fields of medicine. We help you find the root cause of your illness by addressing the whole person. Our doctors treat you using a combination of conventional allopathic medicine with holistic medicine treatments using some of the best, scientifically validated therapies available.

How May We Help You?

For over 40 years, COEM has offered many people, who’ve already seen numerous physicians without benefit, the opportunity to find causes behind their signs and symptoms and the means for restoring health by addressing the total body stress load. We provide many programs and treatments, including:

Mold Toxicity

Our physicians are experienced in providing accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of mold-related problems, including CIRS.
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Chemical Toxicity

We address the Total Body Stress Load that help people who are chemically injured due to acute or chronic chemical exposures.
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We help patients identify the environmental toxins that are aggravating their thyroid problem and suggest ways to minimize exposure to those toxins.
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Allergy and Immunology

We help you identify the cause of chronic diseases and disorders caused by exposures to allergenic foods and chemicals.
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Chronic Fatigue

Our holistic physicians work closely with you to find out hidden imbalances causing fatigue and provide the right treatment to overcome chronic fatigue.
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Biodetoxification Program

Our biodetoxification program offers safe and intensive treatment for the reduction of your body’s burden of toxic chemicals.
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Cardiovascular Health & Age Management

Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine takes a comprehensive approach to take care of your overall cardiovascular system.
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Neurodegenerative Diseases

Our Clinicians have expertise in diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases and helping patients with the treatment of such disorders.
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Autoimmune Diseases

Our Center helps patients from across the nation identify the cause of the autoimmune diseases and disorders and help them recover from their illness.
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Why Our Patients Love Us

Our practice works around the core belief of care, compassion, and competency to help patients on their journey back to health and wellness. Watch the videos to see why our patients love us:

Meet Our Doctors & Staff

We are a team of compassionate, caring professionals who are committed to listening to your concerns, developing a plan that you are comfortable with and providing you with an answer to the question “why me? Our physicians focus on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, including nutrition as well as your ‘total load’ caused by allergies, toxins, infections, and stress.

Our center differs from other programs not only in the scope of services provided but in our experience in treating complex and chronic illnesses. We have a full support staff who is dedicated to helping you and your family gain optimal health.



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