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If you are searching for leading functional medicine doctors in North Charleston, the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (COEM) should be your preferred choice. With our patient centered care system and professionalism, we ensure our patients have and maintain healthy lives.

How Is Functional Medicine Different?

The main objective of functional medicine is to identify and tackle the root causes of diseases by viewing our body as one integrated system instead of a collection of different independent organs. It treats the whole system, not just its symptoms. In other words, functional medicine is a more patient-centered approach than the disease-centered method of traditional medical practice.

Why do we need Functional Medicine?

We need functional medicine because traditional medicine practiced by most physicians is oriented toward acute care of medical conditions. Unfortunately, this method lacks proper tools and methodology for preventing and treating chronic diseases.

Functional Medicine Treatment: Why Choose the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine?

We are pioneers in functional medicine center. Our functional medicine doctors work around the core concepts of care, compassion, and competency to help patients who approach us on their journey back to health and wellness.

How May We Help You?

If you have already seen many doctors and haven’t seen any improvement in your medical condition, we can help you. We have been treating people with various medical conditions for over forty years now. At COEM, we believe you have to find the root cause behind your symptoms and address the total body stress load to restore your health.

Environmental Medicine: Video Guide By Dr. William Weirs

What exactly is Environmental, Functional, & Integrative Medicine?

Dr. Weirs explained Environmental, Functional, & Integrative Medicine.

Why Do Patients Love Our Center?

  1. I’m a new patient, just got started a few months ago. It is so great to read these wonderful reviews, it truly gives me hope for healing! After seeing so many doctors I feel like these are the first doctors that not only understand me but also know what they’re talking about. I have been sick from mold for several years. I’m ready to get better!
    – By Anna Shyfrina
  2. This place saves lives, and makes them more comfortable. Very knowledgeable and compassionate physicians who go way above and beyond to make you well.They solve problems that other conventional physicians can’t or won’t.Never are they condescending nor make you feel as if you are wacko! Seems they know exactly what your problem may be not long after you arrive, Office is in great location…easily accessible.You will fall in love with the physicians,and Carrie is exceptional! Dr. Lieberman is on a million.He really cares for the patients! Larry is great at helping calm fears.
    – By Cindy Rice

Meet Our Doctors & Staff

We are a team of compassionate, caring professionals who are committed to listening to your concerns, developing a plan that you are comfortable with and providing you with an answer to the question “why me? Our physicians focus on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, including nutrition as well as your ‘total load’ caused by allergies, toxins, infections, and stress.

Our center differs from other programs not only in the scope of services provided but in our experience in treating complex and chronic illnesses. We have a full support staff who is dedicated to helping you and your family gain optimal health.



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Functional Medicine Center: Frequently Asked Questions About the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Here are some frequently asked questions about functional medicine practices at COEM.


What should you know about functional health?

Anything that messes up your ability to function normally will compromise your functional health. For example, conditions like muscle strains, pinched nerves, tendonitis, and arthritis are examples of functional health “illnesses.”

Do functional medicine doctors prescribe medicine?

Functional medicine includes exercise recommendations, lifestyle changes, specific nutrition protocols, positive stress reduction practices such as meditation and professional-grade supplements. Prescription medications and referrals to specialists will be given where necessary.

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is the practice of taking into account every characteristic of one’s health, such as diet and lifestyle, when providing nutrition recommendations to people.


What should I expect at my initial consultation?

At your initial consultation, you will be asked about your past medical history, current history, and family history. You will also have to disclose all the current medications, vitamins, and supplements you take. Apart from these, your nutritional and lifestyle path will also be assessed.

What should I bring to the initial visit?

On your first visit, bring all your lab reports and prior medical records along with a list of your medications, vitamins, and supplements. Also, complete and bring your intake form.

What is functional medicine testing?

As functional medicine is wellness-oriented, after the initial consultation with a functional medicine doctor, you may have to undergo an extensive series of lab tests. Functional medicine testing can be used to identify digestive, absorptive, and metabolic dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposures, inflammatory responses, and triggers, among many others.

I don’t live near to the Charleston area. Do you work with patients from out of town?

Yes. As of now, approximately 50% of our patients are from out of town. We have patients from all over the United States. We also have patients from overseas.


What is the cost of functional medicine?

The majority of functional medicine doctors provide their services in bundles or packages, or a minimum number of visits so that he can establish a relationship with a patient. Each consultation will include a long one to one appointment, which can last around 60-90 minutes.

Do You Offer Family Packages?

Yes, we do offer family packages. We encourage families to go through this program together so that not only the individual but the entire community can benefit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks as well as most major credit cards. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Do you accept health insurance assignments or Medicare?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. As our center is a fee-for-service provider, the evaluation process we follow is much more time-intensive when compared to a standard medical evaluation, and insurance companies cannot process this type of in-depth assessment as of now.

Is functional medicine covered by insurance?

If you are consulting a true functional medicine practitioner who follows a functional medicine model of care, then it’s not covered by insurance.

Are lab tests and supplements included?

Some lab tests and supplements are included. If you need any additional lab tests, you will have to make the payment directly to the lab.

Can I order my test kits through laboratories, or can my regular doctor order the lab tests on my behalf?

Our authorized labs can sell test kits only to licensed medical practitioners. We use only labs that exclusively offer functional medicine tests as these are highly specialized tests.


What does a functional doctor do?

Functional medicine practitioners listen to their patients, spend time with them, and look at different aspects of their patient, including genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that might have influenced their long-term health and chronic disease.

Is a functional medicine doctor an MD?

Yes. Most of the functional medicine doctors have an MD and deep expertise in finding the underlying cause of a disease and treating the patient accordingly.

What does a functional nutritionist do?

The primary role of a functional nutritionist is to look at all health problems the patient is having holistically, teach patients about the ways their behavior is hindering their optimal health, and offer improvement suggestions.

Who is a functional cardiologist?

A functional cardiologist brings together his insight and experience in cardiology, functional medicine, coaching, and community building to heal his patient’s heart.


What is the difference between functional medicine and integrative medicine?

Functional medicine strives to determine the root cause of a disease. It is found to be very effective in treating chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases as well as obesity and diabetes. Whereas in integrative medicine, lifestyle changes of a patient are considered as the primary cause of illnesses, and the treatment revolves around lifestyle modifications of the patient.

Is functional medicine the same as integrative medicine?

No. They are not the same. As per integrative medicine, poor lifestyle choices are the root cause of many modern chronic diseases, and it includes practices such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga. It also focuses on the diet and exercise of the patient to limit conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

What is the difference between naturopath and functional medicine?

The difference between functional medicine and naturopathy can be blurry at times as functional medicine has its roots in naturopathy. For example, functional medicine practitioners also recommend lifestyle changes to the patient like naturopaths. However, functional medicine is often combined with advanced laboratory testing, which is not always practiced by naturopaths.

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