For years, environmental physicians have been taught by dentists that “Disease begins in the mouth or in the dentist’s office.” We have heard over and over again that silver mercury amalgams, root canals and cavitations were making us all sick. Although indoctrinated with this information I am not sure we truly believed it. But something recently happened that is changing my opinion.

Last week, one of my patients brought me the book, “Am I Dead? or do I just feel like it.” by Fred Hughes, which she asked me to read. She has Parkinson’s disease and literally left no stone unturned to find help in reversing her disease. The book describes the work of a Robert H. Dowling whose thesis is that cancer always occurs on the side of the body where oral pathology occurs. He states without exception that breast cancer occurs on the same side as the oral lesion. This observation was based on using thermography of the breasts and face. If this observation is not enough to awe you, he goes on to report that most neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and MS are associated with the RIGHT SIDED oral disease. The only way he believes to treat cancer and these neurodegenerative diseases is remove the presence of the oral pathology. There is also the corollary- to prevent these diseases, do not inflict any of these oral diseases by using root canals, silver-mercury amalgams and causing cavitations at sites of dental extractions especially wisdom teeth.

What is of special importance to us is that the center has, to my knowledge, the only thermography equipment in the state of SC. We are doing breast, thyroid and peripheral artery thermography but up until now, have not looked for oral disease even though it is so easy to do. This has now changed and we are adding thermography of the mouth to every breast exam we do and will certainly look for oral disease on every patient presenting with neurodegenerative disease.

The question we are all asking: “is this data real?” I have personally heard Hal Huggins, author of several books on dangers of mercury amalgams and root canals tell a woman with breast cancer that if she wanted to live, she needed to pull out every root canal in her mouth. I know she survived. Dowling insists that unless you correct the oral pathology you will never be free of a reoccurrence.

It is important for my readers to understand how the oral pathology influences or causes cancer. Genetics loads the gun but the environment pulls the trigger. There are chemical triggers like the P53 gene that induces a cell to die a natural death rather than undergo a malignant transformation. The toxicity that comes from root canals and other oral pathology suppresses the good P53 gene thus promoting cancer. Other good genes are also down regulated or suppressed while up regulating bad genes resulting in cancerous cellular changes.

As it is so easy to do thermography of the mouth, I am asking all of our patients who have undergone breast thermography to add testing of their mouth to see if oral pathology from root canals, amalgams and cavitations exist. If present, we will strongly recommend consultation with a biological dentist. This recommendation also applies to any patient with a neurodegenerative disease. Using our present treatment protocols, we have been able to reverse abnormal breast pathology. If we correct any oral pathology, would we be able to reverse breast and neurodegenerative diseases even more effectively? This is a challenge we can’t afford to not try.

The center will offer thermography of the mouth for $75. For more information, you may call the office to set up your appointment at 843-572-1600.

Allan Lieberman M.D., F.A.A.E.M.
Medical Director
Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine



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