January 1, 2009

Beginning in 2008 we have added a new screening test, for all patients new and old, for celiac disease. Here is another great masquerader, which causes almost every sign and symptom in the book. Classic Celiac Disease manifests in early infancy and childhood with diarrhea, muscle wasting, irritability and failure to thrive. The majority of patients, especially adults, have a “silent” presentation. They have minimal to no gastro intestinal symptoms but rather manifestation of complex autoimmune disease and the consequences of chronic malabsorption. Many are in the 40-60 year age range.

Celiac disease’s greatest danger is malabsorption of: vitamins, minerals, proteins and other essential nutrients resulting in fatigue, anemia, osteoporosis, neuropathies (chronic numbness, tingling and pain). This also includes systemic inflammatory and auto immune diseases including Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Raynauds syndrome, thyroid disease etc. and worst of all, cancer, a complication of the disease. The increase in mortality from cancer in patients having celiac disease is estimated at 9-34 times greater than that of the general population. The predominant celiac associated malignancy is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but includes also Thyroid cancers, small bowel cancers and esophageal cancer. Now you can appreciate why we have begun screening for this disorder.

The diagnosis is easily made from a simple blood test, which we have now added to our routine blood work. I am encouraging all of our “old” patients to ask us to screen you when you are in the office for your follow up appointments. Simply going on gluten free diet reverses this disease but you have to know if you have it.

Health is the most valuable thing you can have so protect it.

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January 1, 2009

This article was sent as a Health Alert to established patients who are familiar with our Center and our services. If you are a prospective or new patient, the information included here may not be pertinent to your health at this time. We invite you to learn more about our comprehensive treatment approach.

2007 was a great year for us at the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Many new preventative medicine projects were introduced and made a significant contribution to your health. Most exciting was the addition of the Heidelberg System, which can measure accurately your stomach’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid. You may appreciate my enthusiasm when I tell you how many people were taking Acid Blocking medication only to find their many signs and symptoms were actually coming from not enough acid. It is an old cliche that Disease begins in the gastro intestinal tract; when your gastro intestinal tract doesn’t work nothing works. Substituting hydrochloric acid capsules for the “Purple Pill” (acid blocker) resulted in dramatic changes in health for those patients. If you are one of those acid blocking pill takers you owe it to yourself to find out once and for all whether you should be on them.

These signs and symptoms of low stomach acid will amaze you.
Hair loss
Heart burn/reflux
Pneumonias, etc.

And all the expected side effects of malnutrition but especially mineral depletion (calcium/osteoporosis; iron/anemia; chromium/diabetes/obesity etc.)

Testing is a simple procedure, done in the early morning while fasting. It involves swallowing a pill sized radio transmitter capsule and after 30-45 minutes you will learn about your stomach’s essential function. For more information call the office 843-572-1600 or schedule an appointment online today at COEM.

January 1, 2009

An epidemic of Influenza is hitting our cities and taking health care workers by surprise.

The viral strain causing this illness is different than the ones in the current vaccine. This problem causes great fear for health care professionals as there is no way that a new vaccine can be brought on line quickly enough to come to our rescue. Knowing the possibility of such a development at any time is why I have been urging all my patients to please get the Interferon for flu extract we developed several years ago. Not only is it effective against all strains of Influenza virus, it is very safe and cost-effective.

We have learned from experience with our patients using the Interferon for flu extract that you need only a one or at most two-drop dose to be effective. The key is to use a “rush” approach to treatment, by taking one drop sublingually every 10 minutes for 4 consecutive doses and then one drop every 1 to 2 hours until the illness is brought under control. Thereafter, continue with one drop taken sublingually 4 times daily for 7 days. To administer, you simply drop one drop (NOT dropperful) under your tongue, being careful not to touch the dropper with your mouth, and hold the drop for 2 minutes without swallowing. Then spread whatever is left of the drop around your mouth with your tongue. The Interferon sends a signal through the mucosal cells to activate the immune system.

For those who already have the Interferon for flu extract, you can use it to prevent illness by taking one drop (NOT dropperful) twice daily until the epidemic is over. At the first sign that you may have been exposed or feel sick, start the “rush” treatment as described above.

If you don`t already have the Interferon for flu drops and would like to order them, e-mail our office at orders@coem.com or fax an order to (843) 572-1795 and we will send the extract via priority mail or overnight FedEx. (Please specify which form of shipment you would like.) A 10 cc bottle containing 100 to 200 doses of extract (1 to 2 drops per dose) costs $44.00 and is enough to treat two people for 7 to 10 days according to the acute infection instructions given above. If you don’t use all the extract now, simply refrigerate the bottle to use later on. Refrigerated extracts remain potent for at least 6 months.

In addition, your blood level of Vitamin D may be the critical factor as to whether you are at risk of getting the flu. Be sure you are taking 4000 IU of Vitamin D in the winter months. Influenza always occurs when our exposure to sunlight is minimal, which is in wintertime. Sunlight provides our main source of vitamin D and noontime sun is the optimal time for sun-exposed skin to synthesize Vitamin D. Fifteen minutes sun exposure is all you need if you have bare arms and legs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (843) 572-1600.

Allan Lieberman, M.D.

As always, please visit our website www.coem.com regularly to keep up-to-date
on new and exciting treatment protocols as well as to learn more about
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